Tips to Help Your Employees Thrive on the Job, Part One

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Today’s American workforce is more stressed, sleep deprived, burnt out and disconnected than ever before. Surrounded by competition and wrapped up in the quest for productivity, 12-16 hour (overtime unpaid) work days are now the norm, with boundaries between work and home life blurred due to the “convenience” of technology.

The cost of pushing productivity
Stress is taking a significant toll on the health of American workers. Public health experts have been discussing the trend as an epidemic. And the collective cost could be enormous if we don’t address the employee management tips necessary to address the broken, antiquated way in which work life currently operates.

The depressing statistics:

  • 83%: The number of workers who say they’re stressed about their jobs - up from 73% just last year.
  • 60%: The number of workers who engage with work via smartphone outside normal hours. (Maybe that’s why 7-in-10 workers struggle to maintain work-life balance.)
  • 50%: The number of workers that say workplace stress is keeping them up at night.
  • 13%: The number of workers who actually feel engaged in their occupation.

The health effects resulting from those statistics:
Up to 90% of hospital visits are attributable to stress-related health issues. Occupational stress specifically increases the risks of diabetes, heart attack, depression, anxiety, accelerated aging and decreased longevity, just to name a few. And these stress-induced issues aren’t just costing the workers affected – they’re costing the economy and your business enormously in money and turnover.

Crawling out from under the boulder
Fortunately, Americans are becoming aware of the high cost of their jobs to their health and relationships, and employers are searching for ways to mitigate these effects.

Interested in discovering how to keep workplace burnout out of your business? Stay tuned for part two of this series on stress-busting employee management tips from Minnesota Comp Advisor.

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