How to Prevent Costly Trips to the Emergency Room

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Did you know when it comes to workman's comp injury management, cost saving alternatives to emergency room visits are available? Check out these solutions for saving your business money and time:

• Go with who you know: Primary care providers.
Did you know your primary care physician can treat injured individuals on the initial workman's comp injury management visit? Just be certain to inform your doctor the injury occurred at work when you attend the appointment. In some states, PCPs may even be able to become part of your treatment team as well.

• Prompt attention for serious situations: Urgent care.
Attending urgent care or walk-in clinics for serious, but not life threatening conditions, can save considerable cost over emergency treatment.

• Handle it fast: Minute Clinics.
Minute Clinics at your local drug or retail store may offer a source for treatment of non-urgent or minor health concerns resulting from injury at work – without an appointment or referral.

• Get pointed in the right direction: Nurse care lines.
Contacting a nursing professional through your health insurance’s nurse call line can allow you to get the information you need to better determine your next step.

• Try something new: Telehealth.
Discuss urgent healthcare concerns when in-person visits are not convenient via telehealth or teledoctors: Real-time video chats with a doctor via computer or mobile device. Doctors can answer questions, diagnose, treat, and prescribe.

• Fork in the road: Seeking out alternative therapies.
Massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, and more, when covered by workman’s comp laws in your state, may offer highly effective, less costly treatment for non-emergency situations.

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