Are Your Employees Covered 24/7 When Traveling?

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Employers often send employees out of state, even out of the country, with little regard to neither natural nor manmade threats they might encounter. Studies show less than half of companies are monitoring workers during global travel. Are you exposing your business to significant liability?

Ensure your employees well-being when abroad
Travel management programs, commonly called duty-of-care programs, protect against productivity losses and damage to brand resulting from travel incidents.

  • Establish infrastructure.
    Every organization needs a duty-of-care plan. It should be adjusted regularly as conditions change globally, and as efficacy reviews show a need for change. Your business should:
    • Cover all details of travel arrangements, housing, and transportation.
    • Become aware of location-specific dangers and how job functions increase those risks – even if the journey is short and deemed safe.
    • Find resources and create policies necessary to meet traveling safety obligations.

  • Maintain workman’s comp insurance coverage.
    This in and of itself does not represent a duty-of-care plan.

  • Share responsibilities.
    While HR should play a key role, experts say ownership of duty-of-care plans should be shared with other key stakeholders, such as those responsible for travel, security, risk management – even senior management – to better cover the unpredictability of events.

  • Mandate training.
    Make training on company traveling policies and safe practices mandatory. Ensure each traveler is well-informed about current, known dangers to areas traveled and how to react in the event of hazards. Solidify the need to follow procedures, check-in often, and use common sense to avoid unnecessary risk.

  • Track employees.
    Knowing where employees are and staying in touch to provide assistance when needed.

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