Why Lawyers Get Involved in Workman's Comp Injuries

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If you want to prevent a workman's comp insurance case from seeking a lawyer in regards to a claim, it’s essential to understand what sends employees running toward legal help in the first place. A 17-year workman’s comp attorney veteran sheds a little light on the subject...

What issues most often result in claimants seeking legal help?

  • Denied claims, particularly those showing no investigation whatsoever.
  • No contact following injury by either employer or workman's comp insurance.
  • Intrusive contact by their employer, including...
    • Employer refuses to tell identity of insurer.
    • Requirement of a weekly doctor’s note.
    • Employer demands to know when injured employee will return.
    • Employee’s job posted or threats thereof.
    • Employer demands return to work, even if “just sorting mail.”
  • Late or haphazard arrival of payment checks, putting injured employees in financial distress.
  • Unpaid or reduced payments on medical bills and unreimbursed prescriptions, resulting in injured workers worn of navigating a maze of bureaucracy blindfolded and alone.
  • Lack of modified duty work, or duties not as advertised.
  • Employer/fellow employee harassment regarding the need for light duty work, including write-ups for unrelated offenses.
  • Loss of health insurance and benefits, which are often not protected in the event of work related disability, as well as confusion over CCOBRA notices and FMLA forms.
  • Accidents that the employee feels occurred due to poor workplace safety practices.
  • Employees who misunderstand the system, seeking a settlement when one is unwarranted.
  • Advice from friends, family, or physicians.
  • TV and direct mail advertisement from lawyers.

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