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Workman's comp injury can create a veritable minefield for employers and employees alike. The timing of returning injured employees to work can be tricky, as can assigning duties that work with an employee’s limitations that are meaningful enough to offer fulfillment.

Is your injury management program effective?
Effective programs are not responsive; they are in place before injury happens. If your business has an injury management program that overlooks key elements, you’ll never realize its full benefits.

A comprehensive program must include:

  • Injury prevention.
    Training that prevents injuries before they occur.
  • Pre-planning.
    Before injury, a written return-to-work policy must be in place that is reviewed on hire and annually thereafter. Include detailed job descriptions, and a job demand evaluation that ID’s specific tasks/physical demands for each job.
  • Injury management/employee wellness program.
    A working relationship with a walk-in-clinic or occupational center is critical for when injuries occur.
  • A specialist in charge.
    Assign a specific employee to be responsible for administering the return-to-work program with a thorough knowledge of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Family Medical Leave Act, and state workers’ compensation statutes.
  • Input from multiple ranks…
    Upper, middle, lower management, as well as employees, can offer eye-opening recommendations from the frontline.
  • Post-accident procedures.
    Include a list of tasks that accommodate the injured employee’s restrictions. Send a copy of modified-duty descriptions to the treating physician for approval. Then notify the worker in writing of doctor’s approval - and that you can accommodate their restrictions back at work. Educate supervisors on specifics, then communicate the offer to your insurance carrier.
  • Follow up.
    Monitor employees until release to full-duty or Maximum Medical Improvement. Review the final work status, noting any ADA-compliant permanent restrictions.

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