Are Efficiency and Productivity Costing You Valued Employees?

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What do terms like “efficiency” and “productivity” mean for corporations? Less sanity for employees. In the past 20 years, productivity has surged. Corporate profits are up 20% despite workmans' comp management issues, and the U.S. economy is up 60% due to the internet, automation, and efficiency improvements. However this hasn’t come without cost – to employees. Americans are working harder though income and wages have stagnated for most. In fact if the median household income kept pace with 1970s levels, it should now be nearly $92,000, not $50,000.
Beyond a 9-5 workday
For most Americans, the length of the workweek hasn’t changed, but for many in the middle-class, job obligations are intruding on free and family time. For the low income, hours have dried up due to a shrinking job market and ballooning underemployment.
Losing loyalty
U.S. multinationals are also increasingly laying off local workers to hire overseas, adding insult to injury in a world where the U.S. is a part of a very small club of nations that does NOT require:
• Time off each week (the U.S. + 15 of the 196 countries worldwide)
• Paid annual leave (U.S. + 8 others)
• Paid maternity leave (U.S. + 5 others)
Technology’s double-edged sword:
American workers are also now EXPECTED to work – when NOT at work. Surveyed email users note:
• 22% are expected to respond to work email in off hours.
• 50% expected to check work email on weekends; 46% when sick.
• 34% when on vacation.
Why is your employee turnover so high? 
Perhaps you need to re-read this article. Are you losing loyalty to valued employees seeking greener pastures? It may be worth reconsidering the cost of training programs against simply making your own pastures a little “greener,” by offering time off and the one thing most corporations overwhelmingly don’t offer: a life outside the job. 
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