Laughing as a Productivity Booster for Your Staff

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Think great employee productivity tips have to involve a lot of cost and time? Think again. Simply inspiring smiling and laughter offers enormous healthcare benefits. Scientific evidence even backs these findings, identifying psychological changes that occur during smiling and laughing even without conscious thought:

  • Endorphins are released.
    These neurotransmitters, triggered by facial muscle movement, make you feel happy and lower stress - Even when smiles are faked!
  • Pain levels decrease.
    Endorphins are the body’s natural painkillers. The more you laugh and smile, the more effective this natural pain management.
  • Cortisol levels are reduced.
    Laughing and smiling greatly reduces cortisol and those pesky stressed and anxious feelings, bolstering optimism.
  • Homeostasis is restored.
    Laughing expands the lungs, exercising the body and increasing blood and oxygen flow to replenish the cells.
  • Bottled up emotions are released.
    A good laugh can help release long held emotions, boosting your spirit and outlook.
  • Positivity is restored.
    Even in challenging situations such as meetings and interviews, smiling and laughing boost confidence and ability to cope, benefiting both your work and personal life.
  • Interaction is increased.
    Smiles and laughter are contagious. They make you appear more approachable, encouraging camaraderie, and boosting feelings of well being.

What are you doing to make your employees smile?
Telling great jokes? Posting office appropriate memes? Inspiring laughter can be as involved as hosting an office Olympics game every Friday, or as simple as passing on a great new comedy to coworkers.

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