Non Compliance with Personal Protective Equipment Hurts Everyone

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Non-compliance with personal protective equipment (PPE) could result in an inflated workman's comp insurance quote. Are your workers compliant? Surveys show this is unlikely. There remains a high rate of PPE noncompliance nationwide. In a 2008 survey, 89% of professionals polled at the National Safety Council (NSC) Congress admitted to witnessing workers’ failure to wear PPE in necessary situations.

Why aren’t workers wearing gear?
PPE can save a worker’s life, but only if properly used. In a web survey by Kimberly-Clark Professional, 69% stated the primary cause of PPE non-compliance was ignorance: Workers simply didn’t understand PPE was required. This was supported by findings in the aforementioned NSC study, which noted compliance with safety protocols (33%) and insufficient management support/resources for health/safety functions (27%) as respondents’ top workplace safety issues.

How to boost compliance:

  • Management support
    If PPE isn’t important to management, it won’t be important to employees. Ramp up existing education and training programs, including developing incentive programs.
  • Improved gear
    Have you observed or worn workers’ gear lately? Comfortable, functional gear is essential to compliance. If you couldn’t see what you were working on through scratched, broken glasses, or the hearing protection was disgustingly dirty – would you wear it?
  • Signage
    Signage is a simple and effective way to inform staff of PPE needs, cautioning that gear is required and noting necessary gear in each danger zone.
  • Monitoring
    Employee monitoring and compliance, tied in with performance evaluations, is a necessary component of success.

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