Employment Release - Making Sure When It's Done, it's Done

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Terminating an employee takes an emotional toll on both employer and employee. Unfortunately, this may result in the terminated individual attempting to lash back – legally. If you have a problem employee and the only remaining course of action to prevent your business from suffering is termination, heed these employee management tips to better protect yourself from repercussions:

  • Be clear.
    Ensure rules and consequences are well-known and understood.
  • Document.
    If performance is poor, impose performance reviews where goals/deadlines are in writing and signed by both parties. Quickly and compassionately bring results that fall short to attention, recording the coaching with additional signed documentation.
  • Be fair.
    Consider your reasoning for termination. Employees cannot be terminated based on race, color, sex (including pregnancy), religion, age, nationality, or disability.
  • Be thorough.
    Before termination, note employment contract and union requirements. Inform the employee of their rights under health plan, and other benefit details. Make timely payment of money due to avoid violating state laws. At termination, don’t forget to collect keys, credit cards, company property, withdraw bank signature power, employee access to the facility, etc.
  • Be timely.
    Don’t delay out of kindness, notify too far in advance, or ask the employee to train his replacement.
  • Be kind.
    Anger, shock, and surprise are common even in those who know termination may be on the horizon. Give the employee the benefit of understanding they were not right for you, but they can be right for another employer. Consider allowing them the opportunity to submit a letter of resignation instead.

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