Tips for Handling Your First Workman's Comp Hearing

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When mediation attempts for solving workman's comp insurance issues between employers and injured employees fail, workman’s comp hearings offer a secondary attempt at settling injury claims. Unfortunately for those not in-the-know, the idea of these hearings can be a nerve wracking prospect.

What happens at a workman's comp insurance hearing?
During the hearing, your business, the insurance company, and the injured worker are all given the opportunity to present evidence and witnesses to support their claims, presenting this evidence to a judge who will make a final determination as to the outcome of the case.

Parties attending the hearing may include:

  • The judge.
  • A court reporter.
  • You, the employer, and your representatives.
  • The claimant and lawyer (if claimant is not representing him/herself).
  • The insurance company and their representatives.
  • Necessary witnesses and/or medical experts.

The hearing process

  • First, the injured claimant will be given the opportunity to present his/her case, including evidence, witness testimony, and relevant reports, followed by cross examination by the employer or workman’s comp insurance representatives.
  • Next, your company will present its side, including rebuttals by witnesses or experts and the presentation of contradictory reports by experts and witnesses.
  • After both sides have presented, the judge will bring the hearing to a close, accepting brief written summarizations of evidence presented by both parties. The judge will not make his/her final decision at the time of the hearing, but will later review the information, coming to a decision which will ultimately result in either a claim that is paid or one which is dropped. 

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