Who You 'Gonna Call? MN Comp Advisor the Claim Busters!

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Is the delayed reporting of a workman’s comp injury management claim indicating something strange in your neighborhood?

You’re seeing things running through your head
Many employers feel if they educate their employees on workman’s comp laws, they’re encouraging them to get more money out of claims. This is not the case. In fact, two of five Americans feel workman’s comp claims are made by those who don’t want to work.

Combined with an employer’s obvious discomfort with discussing workman’s comp topics in the workplace, this can lead to workers dragging their feet on coming forward with a claim for fear of being perceived as lazy, resulting in the worsening of injuries – and higher treatment costs.

There's something weird... And it don't look good
The timely reporting of workman’s comp claims is critical. According to a recent study from the National Council on Compensation Insurance Inc., claims reported within the first two weeks of injury come in at the lowest median cost. In those that delayed reporting, claim costs went up as much as 51% due to the worsening of conditions.

Attorneys are also much more likely to become involved in delayed cases, sought in 31.7% of claims made 4 weeks after compared to just 12.8% reported day-of-accident, pushing claims even higher.

Early reporting also helps prevent future accidents and fight fraud as accident investigation can be performed when events are fresh in the injured worker - and eyewitness’- minds.

Who you gonna call?
Don’t get caught alone – oh, no, no. Minnesota Comp Advisor claims busters ain't afraid of no workman's comp injury management claim. Busting claims costs makes us feel good. Contact us today.

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