How Social Media Can Catch WorkComp Claimant Fraud

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Tired of dealing with fraud in workman’s comp insurance claim management? “Friending” social media could help you tackle tricky cases. As technology evolves, investigation that used to be cost prohibitive is being easily handled via social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other photo sharing sites, bringing to light and making apparent lies in fraudulent workman’s comp cases.

Caught in the act
Claims nullified by this new investigatory method include:

• An L.A. warehouse worker with a back injury which kept him out of work… who made himself into a turkey after a Facebook post boasting his perfect game.

• A bronco rider who filed a fraudulent claim, then got bucked after inviting friends to an upcoming competition via social media.

• A judo instructor out for total and permanent injury who kicked himself by posting later class dates.

Proving the perfidies
New technology called “geo-tagging” is proving the time and place of videos and photos for use in injury investigation. In addition, some insurers are seeking “deep web portals” from custom vendors, which offer the ability to better search content not available via standard search engines to further fight fraud and reduce losses.

Reaping the rewards
Such methods identify fraudulent claims earlier, saving substantial sums on the counterfeit claims. This includes both payouts to deceitful employees, as well as improving experience modification factors, data used by ratings bureaus based on your workman’s comp claims. These can significantly influence your workman’s comp premiums, reflecting your supposed risk to the insurance company based on perceived safety issues at your workplace.

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