How to Discover Your Own Insight Into Top Productivity

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Poor productivity getting you down? When your cubicle companions create an ever-varied array of interruptions and your kids keep barging-in on you following your attempts to catch-up at home, it can be exceedingly tempting to turn into a hermit, dropping off the radar to a remote location to simply get away from it all. Are there any business tips to help you manage those interruptions?

The (un)happy hermitage
In the book, “The Productivity Project,” the author attempts 10 days in complete isolation, taking a break from people to live life as he saw fit. The surprising results: Without people surrounding him, his motivation to get work done plummeted, and he was forced to take a closer look at the driving force behind his accomplishments.

Getting your heart – and your head – in the right place
A well-known study uncovered that after call center employees at a university met scholarship students on the receiving-end of fundraising efforts, they were far more productive. They identified with those at the heart of what they were trying to accomplish, and it pushed them to produce more.

Without people, there's no reason to be productive
Still think people are the reason for your lack of productivity? Consider this: Research shows workers are seven times as likely to be highly engaged at work when they have a best friend there. Why? We don’t want to let down our friends. Efforts that fall short directly affect those we so highly esteem, turning them into unhappy associates or dissatisfied customers.

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