Small Disruptions Can Come at a Hefty Price

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In today’s business tips: Short distractions can create long-term consequences in the form of disastrous mistakes, mistakes that could lead to injury, and in some cases, even death. According to a recent Michigan State University study, subjects who were interrupted while completing a series of tasks were far more likely to make mistakes – even following a minor three-to-five second interruption.

Oops – my train of thought just derailed
Just a 2.8 second interruption doubles the likelihood of employee error. Increase the length of the distraction to 4.4 seconds and mistakes triple. Think you can return to your task post-disruption if you get by error-free? Not likely. Even when planned for, the cost of disruptions can be heavy. Momentary disruptions are often so jarring that they result in a train of thought that jumps track … resuming at a different place and point entirely.

Alert explosion
In today’s tech-inundated world, call, text, and email alerts can disrupt one's train of thought – even when messages go unread and calls go unanswered. It might not seem like a big deal at first glance, but when you consider safety-critical jobs like those of emergency room surgeons and airplane mechanics, the cost of even minor interruptions can be unthinkable.

Shifting focus
Health and safety is always, on some level, contingent on whether those overseeing it have been interrupted. Is your business minimizing those detrimental, not to mention annoying, interruptions for employees with the right employee awareness and safety policies?

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