Why You Need to Save Your Employees from an Early Retirement

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Study after shows early retirement is detrimental to employee wellness. Scratching your head? You’re not alone. But as it turns out, work may not be as big a stressor as the currently-employed may think.

The staggering statistics?
An Oregon State University study funded by the National Institute on Aging focused on 2,956 individuals, who began the study in 1992 and were retired by its end in 2010. Its findings uncovered…

• People working past age 65 live the longest.

• Working one year longer positively impacted mortality rates, regardless of an individual’s health status.

• During the study period, about 12% of the healthy and 25.6% of the unhealthy retirees died.

• Healthy adults, comprising two-thirds of the study group, who retired just one year past the age of 65 experienced an 11% lower risk of death from all causes, even when taking into account demographic, wealth, education, lifestyle, and health factors.

• Adults describing themselves as “unhealthy,” comprising the remaining one-third of the study group, were also likely to live longer if they continued working, experiencing a 9% lower mortality risk, according to findings.

Factors beyond health may affect post-retirement mortality
The “Healthy Retirement Study” author and leader Chenkai Wu, noted that work may offer advantages that impact employees' lifespans, such as economic and social benefits, as well as physical benefits from increased engagement and activity. The findings were reported in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

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