Cheer Your Team to Safety Success: Create a Safety Committee that Works

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Safety committees may be a team effort, but every team needs a cheerleader. Who’s keeping your safety committee team motivated and on track? To ensure your Minnesota workman's comp insurance rates remain under control, you need to construct a solid base with the right employee at the head of your pyramid.

High flyer
Your committee should be chaired by a workplace safety coordinator. In small to medium-sized companies, this is typically a role played by an existing employee. In larger companies, it is a position itself – “safety director” - sometimes under a professional risk manager.

Base members
Membership in the safety committee typically also includes all supervisors, department heads, or program managers. You may also invite other employees, volunteers, and professionals (insurance agents, police, firefighters, etc.)

Your committee chair/safety director will keep your team on point:

  • Scheduling and leading monthly meetings.
  • Establishing contact with outside agencies on safety matters.
  • Retaining all safety-related documents.
  • Working directly with the administrator or executive director of the business.

Avoiding stunts
In addition to the above responsibilities, to keep your Minnesota workman's comp insurance rates under control, your committee must also:

  • Gather meeting data:
    • Accident trends, reports, and investigatory findings.
    • New/outstanding safety issues.
    • Monthly safety focus topics.
  • Hold monthly safety inspections, documented to monitor adherence.
  • Establish a quarterly/annual loss analysis by reviewing injury/illness records - What’s trending?
  • Provide safety-related in-services to increase safety and health awareness.
  • Provide advisory recommendations to management.
  • Implement specific safety programs as required by law (OSHA, DOH, fire and health) for your business type.

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