PPE - A Smart Investment in Staff that Leverages Profit

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With the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE), workplace hazards resulting in injuries and illnesses can be significantly reduced and prevented, protecting the well-being of workers and the well-being of your business against rising Minnesota workman's comp insurance rates.

What does PPE encompass?
Equipment, which varies by industry, that is designed to minimize exposure to serious injuries and illnesses resulting from workplace hazards. Examples include roofing harnesses, eye protection for welders, and ear/hearing protection for industrial workers.

Think skimping on PPE is no big deal?
OSHA requires its provision, maintenance, and use in your workplace to curb unnecessary injury and illness. Despite this requirement, 98% of surveyed respondents indicate they’ve observed workers not wearing PPE when they should have – 30% on numerous occasions. For 2014 alone, workplace injury and illness statistics uncovered three million nonfatal injury and illness occurrences in the private sector (95% injuries/5% illnesses); 722,300 in the public sector. Of these:

  • 1.16 million were severe enough that time away from work was necessary.
  • Median recuperation time was 9 days – 1 more than 2013.
  • 4,679 workers killed on the job – on average, over 13 per day.

Protect your business against Minnesota workman's comp insurance issues:

  • Provide “the right stuff.”
    Ensure equipment is easily accessible, comfortably fits, and is not too hot, itchy, or unattractive.
  • Properly maintain equipment.
    Clean/sanitize as necessary and replace broken/worn equipment to encourage use.
  • Lead by example.
    Be certain to wear necessary safety equipment in hazard-prone areas/situations to build the foundation for a solid safety culture.
Accidents happen. Assure preparedness and safety with these essential tips and the expert assistance of Minnesota Comp Advisor. Contact us today.
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