Need Intel on Competitors? Job Hoppers Can Bring Fresh Insight

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Looking for a higher degree of competitive information on specific companies in your industry? One innovative idea is to hire job hoppers who carry a staggering amount of knowledge and expertise with them from job to job. First, read on for a job-hopper definition and some Minnesota workplace management tips on how to hire them.


In the past into the present day, job-hopping has had negative connotations to hiring managers and recruiters. A job hopper is an employee who accrues a history of different employers within a short amount of time. Employers do not expect today's college graduate to stay at a job two years.

These days, job-hoppers may be looking at other employment opportunities because they are talented and are recruited for higher positions, not because they are disloyal or selfish.

Competitive Knowledge

Job-hoppers bring to the table an expansive amount of expertise culled from previous jobs, including a competitor's best practices, industry-specific contacts and beneficial innovative procedures. If a new employee comes in and can demonstrate considerable cost savings by utilizing a new procedure, wouldn't it be worth the investment?

If a new employee has changed jobs within different industries, this could benefit your company by bringing new best practices used to innovate the industry and broaden your company's overall knowledge.


Job-hoppers may not need a large training investment as they come with knowledge gained from previous jobs. Recruiting is easier because job-hoppers are familiar with salaries and benefits.

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