Bow Wow, Is the Workplace the Right Place for Pets?

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This past June 24th marked the 16th annual “Take Your Dog to Work Day.” Though fewer than 300 companies took part in the inaugural event, participation has grown each year. Does your Minnesota workman's comp insurance cover you for subsequent Rover-related risks?

Doing your duty
Questions of legal liability might give you pause, but the real risks of having pets in the workplace are minimal if handled properly from the start. Additionally, legal trends are making pet-friendliness a bit less risky for employers. Most states have worked to increase owner liability in the event of incident. To protect yourself against liability, animal law attorneys advise:

  • A vetting process pre-visit, such as a behavior or training certificate.
  • Securing a relevant insurance policy covering possible animal-related events.
  • Employee handbooks regarding pet-friendly procedures (leashes, food recommendations, etc.).
  • A signed liability waiver.
  • Pet-friendly accommodations, such as dog-friendly water fountains, biscuits, walking trails.

Barking up the right tree
Numerous studies have identified the benefits of bringing your pooch to work, including boosted productivity and morale, alongside a host of health benefits ranging from reduced stress and depression to lowered blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight.

These benefits can lead to decreased insurance premiums – and absenteeism. Pet-friendly work environments are also a great recruitment incentive for hound-happy millennials, as well as those seeking an improved work-life balance. As a result, business startups, tech companies, and even mega-corps like Proctor & Gamble, Amazon, and Google are increasingly welcoming pets to the office not just once a year, but every day.

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