Why Is It Taking So Long to Close a Workman's Comp Claim?

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What’s holding up your Minnesota workman's comp insurance claim? There are a variety of situations that can lengthen this already extensive process.

The top 5 reasons Minnesota workman’s comp insurance claims are delayed include:

1. No job to return to.
When no transitional duty program exists or there is no job to return to, some workers let claims lag on due to difficulties securing new employment.

2. Exaggerated complaints.
Claimants trying to milk the system because they fear termination or have no job to return to may exaggerate symptoms. Called malingering, they extend time out by doctor hopping, exaggerating pain complaints, and using more non-conventional treatments. When time out of work is not proportionate to the degree of disability, this can slow down claims.

3. Severe injuries.
Company cutbacks putting excess work and strain on workers can lead to injured workers struggling to keep up with high job demands. Injuries then worsen, workers procrastinate reporting for fear of job loss, and more severe claims result.

4. MSA approval.
For workers eligible for Medicare or in litigation settlements, an MSA, or Medicare Set-Aside is necessary, which takes 8 months to 2 years. It pays what Medicare would have paid for continued treatment. The employee pays for care from this account, then files paperwork with CMS for tracking.

5. Litigation.
Claimants who have no other choice or whose claims are denied and have nothing to lose often seek council, delaying claims for months to years before settlement is reached. Communicating frequently and directly with employees regarding claims can prevent this.

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