How a Safety Grant May Just Pay for Equipment Needed from a Safety Audit

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Is your business struggling to purchase safety equipment that you’d love to stock up on? The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry is offering safety grants applicable toward the purchase of safety equipment to help local businesses protect workers from unnecessary injury and illness.

How do you quality for up to $10,000 of safety grant funds?
To qualify for funds, your business must…
Be under Minnesota OSHA jurisdiction.
Currently hold workers’ comp insurance coverage.
Have undergone an on-site inspection from a qualified safety professional, including a written recommendation report.
Be involved in a project (i.e.: the implementation of a safety program) consistent with safety inspection recommendations which must reduce employee risk/injury/disease.
Have the knowledge and experience to complete the project and be fully committed to its implementation.
Have matching funds for awarded grant money, and enough funds to cover estimated project costs.
Ensure the project complies with local, state, and federal regulations and has the support of all public entities involved.
Is everyone guaranteed to get funds?
If qualified applicants for safety grants exceed availability, priority will be given to projects which:
Include a site of employment providing manufacturing, processing, or other goods-producing jobs to a significant number of area workers.
Are attempting to address issues which have resulted in jeopardized jobs or job loss due to safety issues.
The business is a current focus of the Minnesota OSHA Compliance and Workplace Safety Consultation strategic plan.
How will I know if I get funds?
If awarded, you will be notified in writing of the specific approval.
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