Workman's Compensation Tips: Employee Wellness Programs Work!

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The health of your employees and the health of your business are inextricably linked. Are you missing out on a great investment opportunity? Employee wellness programs are a boon on multiple fronts, reducing financial risks through the protection of employee health.

An amazing return on investment
Multiple studies have shown that for every $1 spent on wellness, employers can save up to $3 in healthcare and $3 in absenteeism costs. Additionally, when integrated with risk management and effective communication regimes, they also positively impact safety and workers comp.

The most successful wellness programs encompass:

  1. Prevention.
    Controlling preventable and manageable health conditions, such as obesity, can lower medical and workers comp costs dramatically, circumventing injury, illness, and associated costs. Supporting these healthy lifestyle choices through incentives for smoking and drug cessation, healthy eating, and physical activity is key.
  2. Partnership.
    Employee health greatly impacts risk management efforts. Integrating wellness efforts with your risk management program (versus HR management) offers superior results, particularly for transitional duty and return to work programs. All it takes is a little interdepartmental collaboration.
  3. Communication.
    Multiple communication platforms are essential to promoting employee participation. Combine web, social and e-communication platforms with traditional methods for the best results. Avoid exclusion based on demographics. Those employing today’s technology realize better outcomes.
  4. Culture.
    Wellness extends beyond physical health. Environmental, emotional, and financial factors also play key roles and must also be addressed to create a strong workplace wellness culture and improve workers comp outcomes. Be certain it’s reflected in your company’s mission and supported by leadership with written policies to boost participation.

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