Make a Hands-Free Calling Commitment Employment Policy

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Lawsuits related to employer responsibility regarding mobile phone use are on the rise. Are your workplace injury prevention procedures reflecting this ever-growing risk? Though smartphones have made it easier for employees to stay connected, they also pose serious safety and financial risks, with hands-free laws doing little to offer protection from liability to employers.

Is my business liable?
There have been many large settlements against companies involving lawsuits in which employees injured or killed someone while talking on a cell phone. Why not sue the employee? Because businesses typically have deeper pockets.

If your employees are driving company-owned vehicles during business or are making business-related calls (or texts) at the time of an accident – your business could be held liable.

But I don’t issue cell phones….
The issuance of cell phones is not of significance. If your company’s employees do any business by phone, including reporting to you, your company needs a cell phone policy to protect your business, employees, and those individuals they might meet by accident on the road.

Can I protect my business?
Implementing a mobile phone and general vehicle use policy is the first step toward reducing liability. Although these won’t eliminate your business’ liability, it does show forethought on your part in attempting to prevent these risks through employee education.

Cell phone policies need not be overly lengthy or obtuse, simply advise employees of all cell phone laws affecting areas in which they travel or do business, and offer procedural guidance for the protection of all parties.

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