Librarians - Your Business' Newest Best Friend

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Do you have a librarian at the top of your networking must-have list? Often overlooked and underappreciated, librarians can be a source of intimidation for some; largely misunderstood by others.

Feel like the need for a librarian on your networking must-have list is moot because print is dead? You are most definitely missing out on some enormous advantages. In this week’s business tips, Minnesota Comp Advisor would like to bring to light the advantages of adding a local librarian to the top of your list of networking necessities.

Why add a librarian to your networking contact list?
Librarians are surrounded daily by a vast array of learning materials, and they have learned a lot in this field. Librarians are the Sherlock Holmes’ of finding information, often from sources that would never cross your mind. These skilled private investigators can even find contact information for people and places that you and your colleagues are struggling to source.

Librarians are networking extraordinaires
Like you, librarians understand the importance of networking, and chances are if they cannot find the information you are seeking, then they have direct access to someone who can - courtesy of their own huge network of fellow librarian friends as well as in-town contacts. Simply put, librarians make wonderful friends who cannot only make your life much easier, but whose knowledge of the area and its happenings can bring a host of interesting opportunities your way.

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