Overseas Travel? Better Have a Foreign Voluntary Workers' Compensation Policy

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Think employees traveling abroad for business is no big deal? It could cost you. On the rise, business travel to foreign countries involves many risks that employees do not typically encounter at home. Complicating matters, those unfamiliar locations can escalate even minor illnesses and accidents to far more serious problems when not efficiently and effectively addressed.

What can happen abroad?

  • Auto accidents.
  • Illnesses - viruses contracted on the plane, food poisoning, and travel-induced diarrhea which affects 20-50% of international travelers.
  • Infectious diseases, particularly common in remote locations where access to good treatment is difficult to find.
  • Assorted emergencies – unknown health issues that occur during travel, from simple slip-and-falls resulting in broken bones to gallbladder and heart attacks.

Basic health insurance and workers’ comp protection may not be enough
These protections often fail to meet expenses that arise in foreign travel situations, and can discourage international travel. Fortunately, broader protection - e.g. foreign voluntary workers’ compensation – is available, providing an additional level of critical protection for sick or injured employees traveling far from home, covering...

  • Repatriation expenses
  • Endemic diseases that may be excluded from other policies, which do not affect the insured’s domestic workers experience modification when utilized on foreign soil.
  • Additional business travel accident protection, applicable toward not only domestic and foreign travel, but on personal excursions not part of the business trip.
  • Access to a medical assistance provider, 24/7, worldwide, who can help sick or injured workers locate a doctor or medical facility.

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