Multi-Cultural and Diverse Workforce Impacts Workman's Comp Insurance Strategies

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Today’s workforce is increasingly diverse, complicating employee management decisions and demanding the evolution of your existing workers’ comp programs. Is your business prepared to meet the challenges of today’s multi-cultural, multi-generational workforce?

  • Multi-cultural workforce issues
    • Language barriers can cause workers’ comp issues when employees can’t communicate with physicians. Do your employees have access to multi-lingual reporting lines, physicians, treatment, and workers’ comp information?
    • Health issues like obesity and diabetes vary by location and ethnic group, with access to care a significant issue for minorities. Do your providers offer convenient access to better manage this group?
  • Multi-generational workforce issues
    • In workers’ comp return-to-work programs:
      • Gen-X: lacks employer loyalty, but responds well to telecommuting and job-sharing.
      • Gen-Y: overall the most heavily medicated, Gen-Y must be managed closely during workers’ comp treatment.
    • Of the 5 generations currently sharing workplace space, do you have procedures in place to communicate with each (electronic versus paper)?
  • Issues of the aging workforce
    • Baby Boomers, one-fifth of the workforce, suffer more disabilities and also take longer to heal. Are your older workers aware of the need for the prompt reporting of on-the-job injuries and the role this plays in ensuring a timely recovery?
    • Boomers, dependent on their full work income, are far more motivated to return to work following injury. Do you have top-quality return-to-work programs in place so that both of you can benefit from their prompt return, such as modified duties with lighter physical requirements or technology to ease the transition?
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