Mean Staffers Really Cost You

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Turning a blind eye to that bully on your staff? Without the right employee management tips, their mean manners won’t just continue to cost your employees – they’ll cost your business.

Mean people cost businesses billions annually
Rather than upholding workplace culture and values, these individuals erode it, hogging resources, belittling peers, putting an “I” in team, and resulting in between $6 and $13 billion in annual losses according to the Workplace Bullying Project Team at Griffith University.

Lurking in the shadows
Bullying individuals may be out in the open, but even more often, they are difficult to spot. Excellent at hiding their mean side, they lurk in the shadows, waiting to strike whenever an advantageous situation presents itself.

How do mean people take a toll on your business?

They kill morale.
Promoting themselves at the expense of others and leaving you with a disengaged, unproductive workforce.

They create a hostile environment.
Spreading malicious gossip rather than fostering positive pro-social talk, steamrolling feelings and reputations, and cultivating a culture of mistrust and uncertainty.

They make workers sick.
Literally. Increasing absenteeism and turnover rate, exposure to toxic individuals is associated with higher levels of inflammatory proteins known to result in cancer, heart disease, and depression according to a 2012 UCLA study. And this isn’t just coworkers. Seventy percent of 20- and 30-year-olds report direct links between their health and their relationships with supervisors, another facet of the bullying puzzle.

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