Emerging Trends in Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

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Looking for new and improved ways to keep employees safe and lower your workman's comp rates? Check out these latest trends in personal protective equipment (PPE)!

High-tech PPE.
Wearable tech with features like biometrics and radio frequency identification for monitoring proximity to danger zones, exposure limits, and vitals. Equipment that will track not only employee movements and measurements, but also environmental factors are on the horizon!

Bluetooth integration.
Bluetooth integration in PPE offers further advancement in safety and data management, app-based awareness, lone-worker protection, incident reporting, and more - particularly in high-risk applications.

Gear that looks cool.
Going beyond function, employees are increasingly looking to PPE that looks and fits as well as the gear they wear in their off time.

Gear that actually functions.
Handing out gear and actually verifying its worn function are two completely different things. Employers are now taking PPE function to heart, verifying correct fit, function, and use to reduce employee injury and company liability.

Gear that is comfortable.
Let’s face it, workers aren’t going to wear uncomfortable gear. The latest in PPE gear is form-fitting and comfortable – without compromising performance. Employees won’t argue about donning it, and may forget they’re wearing it, which can lower your workman’s comp rates significantly.

Application-driven PPE.
Vendors are now providing educational opportunities to help companies better select the most appropriate PPE, as well as hands-on training, and after-sales support.

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