Workman's Compensation Adjuster Secrets

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Want to know how to lower your workman's comp rates? Here are some facts about adjusters that you might want to learn first:

1. Shaky Job Security
As harsh as it might sound, the fact that you have no safety program is actually good news for an adjuster. It means that since your safety program is not available, nor enforced, workman's comp claims are assigned to the adjuster's main office, which result in a steady work stream for the adjuster.

2. Minimal Supervision
The entire adjuster's office is an overworked mass of underpaid workers, meaning your adjuster is most probably not receiving the kind of strict supervision by his boss that leads to more efficient work,

3. Burnout
An adjuster's job is extremely stressful. Imagine multiple deadlines piling up together, the non-stop ringing of the phone, and stacks of mail and email messages. Add some unhappy clients who are convinced that the adjuster is trying to fleece them or being deliberately unhelpful, and it becomes clear why adjusters often burnout.

4. Many Adjusters Leave
Who wants to work at a job where the pay is low and the work and stress levels are high? Naturally, not a lot of people. New adjusters are constantly arriving due to the promise of a good job, and then leaving quickly in search of a better job.

5. Mistakes are Taboo
Any mistakes the adjuster makes are taboo, in the sense that they will never talk about them or even admit to making them. The loyalty of the adjuster is towards his boss, not you.

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