It Only Takes Three Seconds to Double Workplace Errors

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Are little distractions having a big impact on your workman's comp insurance rates? According to a recent Michigan State University study, a brief 2.8-second distraction during safety-critical situations doubles the chance of mistakes. Increase the length of the distraction to 4.4 seconds and the number triples.

Ringing in the stats

Study participants were asked to perform a series of tasks in a particular order. Occasionally they were interrupted with another 3-to-5 second task before returning. Researchers were able to then garner the number of errors with and without disruptions.

Hang on a sec

When employees are momentarily disrupted mid-task, there is an increased chance of resuming said task at a different point in their train of thought. Having that moment interrupted, however briefly – then returning to a different place – can be jarring to workers.

Calling all workers

In today’s tech-driven, instant access, mobile era, this means the time it takes a worker to silence a call or turn off a text or email alert is enough to disrupt their thought process – even if they don’t answer the call or read the notification.

Say what?

Safety critical jobs are the most seriously impacted (think: ER doctor, airplane mechanic). Health and safety is on some level contingent upon such interruptions. Managers have been aware of these challenges for some time now, leading some to implement cell-phone free positions and/or zones to minimize the potential of distractions that can lead to injury or death.

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