Are Distracted Workers Costing You Big? What to Do.

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Workman's comp insurance accident investigations often point to distractions as the cause of workplace injuries. Although it’s impossible to completely eliminate distractions in your workplace, there are things you can do to recognize and reduce their occurrence.

What steps can you take to minimize distractions?

• Refocus efforts

Experts say high-pressure deadlines and production goals are some of the biggest on-the-job distractions, causing workers to focus more on results, and less on safety. Understanding these stresses and making the appropriate alterations is key.

• Go cell-phone-free.

Though not right for every company, banning cell phones, MP3 players and other devices can greatly minimize distractions. It’s not a ‘right’ to talk on a cell phone at work, and family members can still reach employees on a work line in an emergency. Though employees are typically disgruntled when these rules go into effect, they usually come to appreciate the lack of interruptions and ability to better focus later.

• Embrace rest.

Short breaks often increase productivity and lower the risk of injuries due to distractions. Micro-breaks – short 3-minute stretches or walks following short bursts of work – are a real winner.

• Establish an open-door policy.

Workers should know it is safe – and desired – for them to speak-up when they observe distractions in the workplace. After all, you can’t fix a problem you don’t know you have.

• Stay on alert.

Make distraction reduction an ongoing effort. Though employees may pay more attention to the job at-hand shortly after an incident or near-miss, efforts will eventually fade.

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