An Employee is Injured; The Steps All Employers Should Know

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Workplace injuries can be frightening for employees and employers alike. Ensuring everyone is on the same team in advance is an ideal plan for a smooth, post-injury process. Unfortunately ever-changing laws and variances from state to state can complicate matters for employers. There are, however, some general responsibilities ­that offer consistency, regardless of the place of business.

An employee is injured – What happens next?
Employers workers’ comp responsibilities include…

• Employee safety
Providing a safe place to work is your first and foremost responsibility as an employer.

• Employee care
In the event serious workplace injuries require medical attention, employees should be allowed to leave work immediately to see their own doctor. As best as able, address conditions that led to the injury to protect other workers.

• Legal
You are responsible for ensuring your employees' laws and rights are not violated.

• Reporting
A First Reporting of Injury document is required for workers’ comp following each injury.

• Insurance cooperation
You are responsible for cooperating with workers’ comp carriers, providing necessary documents, worker interviews, and allowing on-site investigations. If you are contacted by your employee’s attorney, inform your insurance carrier and let them handle similar requests.

• Return to work
You may not penalize or terminate employees for workers’ comp claims without facing serious criminal and civil charges. Once employees have recuperated, you are responsible for welcoming them back to work.

• Preventing fraud
This not only includes employee fraud, but employer fraud in refraining from the accurate reporting of injuries in order to avoid workers’ comp premium increases.

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