What to Know About Employee Injury Prevention Programs

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As a proactive process to help employers find and fix workplace hazards before workers are hurt, injury and illness prevention programs are essential to employee safety. Does your small business have these programs in effect, or are you just hoping your employees will figure things out on their own?

Even simple, low cost approaches have been shown to be effective in small businesses
While Minnesota requires these programs of your larger business brethren, skimping on these programs in your smaller venue may prove penny-wise and pound-foolish. Those who have adopted these programs, alongside other OSHA cooperatives, have shown dramatic decreases in workplace injuries.

In the 40 years since the act was signed into law, workplace deaths and reported injuries have dropped by more than 60%. Best of all, an informed workplace culture has led to higher productivity and quality, lowered turnover and costs, and increased employee satisfaction.

What key elements should you add to your program?
Program needs include these common-sense components:

• Identification of workplace hazards and the development of a plan for prevention/control.

• Management leadership.

• Encouragement of active worker participation in identifying/addressing issues.

• Implementation of employee safety training programs.

• Periodic evaluation of the workplace – and safety programs – to identify areas for improvement.

Building a strong foundation to achieve lasting results
OSHA points to injury and illness prevention as the foundation for breakthrough changes that provide results: Fewer injuries, illnesses and fatalities; a significant reduction in workers’ compensation premiums, lost productivity, and resources; and best of all, a safer, healthier workplace.

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