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The Benefits of Pre-Employment Assessments

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Are you skipping an important part of the interview process? Pre-employment assessments help you ensure that your new hire is a perfect fit for your company. Take it beyond run-of-the-mill resume reviews and stale interview questions to offer an in-depth look into the potential of prospective employees.

You Need a More Reliable, Objective Means of Review
An astounding 78% of resumes are misleading and 46% contain outright lies. Paired with a subjective interview, you could be in for trouble. Luckily, pre-employment assessments offer concrete results backed by thoroughly developed, well-validated tests to help you make more informed, defensible hiring decisions – in far less time than the ‘traditional’ approach.

The Benefits of Pre-Employment Assessments are Far-Reaching:

• A far faster, more streamlined hiring process through the elimination of ‘resume spammers’ and unsuitable candidates cluttering your applicant pool.

• A better ‘fit’ for positions.

Increased productivity via the verification of knowledge, skills, personality and temperament necessary to perform a given job well.

• Defensibility of hiring through objective, validated criteria and standardized testing. Used in accordance with legal guidelines and governed by federal guidelines, pre-employment tests ensure equitable, non-discriminatory hiring practices.

• Decreased voluntary and involuntary turnover due to job incompatibilities. This boosts morale and reputation, allowing for better investment of time and monetary resources in attracting and retaining quality candidates.

• Higher customer satisfaction.

• All of which ultimately strengthen your organization, leading to a boost of your bottom line.

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