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Injured Worker Having Difficulty Returning to Work? Work Hardening May Help.

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For employees who have lost physical capabilities following on-the-job injuries, returning to work can be quite difficult. Lack of activity leading to muscle atrophy or weakness can leave them feeling stuck at home, despite their desire to work. Luckily, workcomp insurance hardening programs can come to the rescue, providing the results traditional physical and occupational therapy cannot.

What is work hardening?
Work hardening from workcomp insurance offers comprehensive, systemic therapy for injured employees, helping workers to work in the physical, functional, and mental condition they were in prior to injury. The regimen includes:

• A team of health professionals:

  • A physician makes the request as a written prescription.
  • A nurse case manager arranges the program with an authorized occupational/physical therapist, remaining informed until completion.
  • A therapist administers the program, which is tailored specifically to on-the-job requirements of the injured employee.

• An individually designed program, which may include:

  • Simulation of work specific and general work tasks.
  • Physical reconditioning.
  • Training on modifying daily work and life tasks to minimize pain.
  • Psychological intervention to determine the employee’s capacity to return to work.

• Evaluation of accomplishments…

  • By the therapist, reported to the nurse case manager, and physician.

Is work hardening for everyone?
Employees who want to return to work but who are experiencing difficulty often understand the reasoning behind these programs, embracing the concept to achieve maximum results. Those with attitudinal, behavioral, and psychological issues or chronic pain may also benefit – once health professionals recognize and devise plans to overcome them.

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