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Communication Tips to Overcoming Safety Obstacles in Your Workplace

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Having a tough time motivating employees to manage their own safety and health? Take it to the next level - lower your workman's comp rates, engaging employees by ramping up your communication skills and taking your delivery and influence to the next level.

Tell a story.
Powerhouses like Disney understand the power of storytelling for motivating employees, sourcing stories from employee experiences to connect emotionally in a way the workforce will remember.

Be visual.
Make a video of workplace processes, then use it for review, garnering solutions from those who can offer essential, unbiased viewpoints such as your insurance company, and professional affiliates. Video is also a great tool for resolving training, in-the-field or communication issues.

Get creative.
Photos, diagrams, pictographs and graphics are highly effective in promoting workplace safety. As great reminders, ensure they are clear and concise, eye-catching, professionally done, and properly placed for ultimate efficacy. Rotate safety gear and postings regularly to keep employees alert and compliant.

Go beyond words.
Noise can increase the risk of occupational injury, making visual cues essential. Consider adopting a system of hand signals, vibrating pagers, or flashing lights to better deal with workplace risk areas.

Be the change.
Employee commitment to safety often mirrors that of management. Ensure every level of management is involved, from line supervisors to V.P.s.

DO repeat yourself.
Culture a sense of responsibility by stressing its importance through the use of consistent, clear messaging shared via various multiple mediums: print to digital, posters to texts, meetings to video messaging.

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Need Intel on Competitors? Job Hoppers Can Bring Fresh Insight

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Looking for a higher degree of competitive information on specific companies in your industry? One innovative idea is to hire job hoppers who carry a staggering amount of knowledge and expertise with them from job to job. First, read on for a job-hopper definition and some Minnesota workplace management tips on how to hire them.


In the past into the present day, job-hopping has had negative connotations to hiring managers and recruiters. A job hopper is an employee who accrues a history of different employers within a short amount of time. Employers do not expect today's college graduate to stay at a job two years.

These days, job-hoppers may be looking at other employment opportunities because they are talented and are recruited for higher positions, not because they are disloyal or selfish.

Competitive Knowledge

Job-hoppers bring to the table an expansive amount of expertise culled from previous jobs, including a competitor's best practices, industry-specific contacts and beneficial innovative procedures. If a new employee comes in and can demonstrate considerable cost savings by utilizing a new procedure, wouldn't it be worth the investment?

If a new employee has changed jobs within different industries, this could benefit your company by bringing new best practices used to innovate the industry and broaden your company's overall knowledge.


Job-hoppers may not need a large training investment as they come with knowledge gained from previous jobs. Recruiting is easier because job-hoppers are familiar with salaries and benefits.

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