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Tips for Managers to Keep the Focus on Empowerment vs. Micromanagement

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One of the biggest assets a company has at its fingertips is its diversified group of talented employees. But all too often, a supervisor falls into the bad habit of micromanaging, which results in stifling the creative juices of those very employees.

Business Tips for Avoiding Micromanaging

If you are a micromanager, consider implementing these business tips into your daily routine to effectively manage the workflow of a project without negatively affecting your employees.

- Prioritize your own work schedule listing those areas that need your direct attention. Train and delegate work to others to handle the overflow.

- Management software is a manager's best friend. With it installed, you can monitor the progress of every project as well as the employee's performance. Management software is a win-win option. For employees, they are aware their input is being tracked without a manager hovering over their shoulder. For managers, it makes visibility into a project much more in-depth, with information available at any given time.

- One of the most crucial components of any successful business is two-way communication on every level from the ground up. When employees are involved and allowed to share their ideas, their point of view, and feedback, both good and bad, it leads to a trusting environment where employees feel respected and part of the team. With trust among managers and employees, there is less need for micromanaging, which results in employees willing to take on more responsibilities.

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