Service Calendar

The Service Calendar is an important tool to help control the cost of work comp. The calendar serves as a 12-month proactive plan that outlines all of the important tasks that need to be done throughout the year to effectively manage your work comp program.

Year 1 Service Calendar shows everything that needs to be done during the first year to streamline the work comp program, in addition to the monthly and annual tasks that need to be completed.

Once processes have been streamlined and put into place, Year 2 + Service Calendar shows all of the monthly and yearly tasks that need to be completed to maintain an effective work comp program.

In order to help clients get the most out of their Service Calendar, we tailor each calendar to our clients’ specific needs and renewal dates. We provide many of the services outlined in the calendar, from monthly claims updates to valuation date prep, payroll audit review, and preparing for renewal.

Download a sample Year One or Year Two + Service Calendar or contact Mark Kraemer for a free Service Calendar tailored to your company’s specific work comp needs – or 612-236-1781.

Year 1 Service Calendar - Sample

Year 2 Service Calendar – Sample

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