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Workers' Compensation Training

Minnesota Comp Advisor offers a variety of training sessions designed to help you better manage your workers’ compensation program, lower the cost of claims, and keep employees safe and productive. Choose from our most popular training sessions below or contact us at 612-236-1771 or with your specific training needs.

Work Comp 101
You see commercials for it all the time. Law firms make insurance companies out to be the bad guy, creating an “Us vs. Them” mentality of workers’ compensation. Your loss control, HR and management staff know that’s not the case, but convincing your employees otherwise is not so easy. Work Comp 101 aims to change the perception of work comp from “Us vs. Them” to “We’re In This Together” by highlighting  the critical importance of reporting, accident investigation, getting proper treatment, return to work, and the financial, physical and emotional impact on the injured employee and their family, other employees, and the company. This training session allows employees to take ownership in your company’s safety and return to work programs and feel confident you are looking out for them – increasing morale and productivity in the process.

Supervisor Training
Your managers and supervisors are your first line of defense in preventing workplace injuries, but most don’t understand the financial, physical and emotional impact of work comp claims for everyone involved. Supervisor Training provides an overview of the work comp process to show your supervisors and managers the critical importance of reporting all injuries (and near misses) on time, directing employees to the best possible care, and helping employees recover faster and more fully at work.

Physician Training
Studies show: Employees recover faster and more fully at work than they do sitting at home. Yet most doctors think they are doing the employee a favor by giving them two weeks off for a minor injury. Occupational doctors understand the negative impact of excessive time off and specialize in getting injured employees quickly and safely back to work – but not every employer has access. Physician Training provides the doctors in your area an understanding of the financial, physical and emotional impact of excessive time off and the critical importance of getting employees quickly and safely back to work.

Investigation 101
Investigating workplace incidents such as an injury, illness, fatality, or close call provides your company and employees an opportunity to identify hazards in the workplace and gaps in your company’s safety programs, and enables your company and employees to identify and implement corrective actions to prevent future incidents. Investigation 101 covers the basics of incident investigation, the importance of uncovering the “root cause” and how the findings can be used to prevent future accidents and injuries.

How to Spot a Fraud
Work comp fraud is the fastest growing type of insurance fraud in the country, costing employers billions of dollars every year. Learn what to look for and how to address work comp fraud before it costs you big time.

How to Use the 24/7 Nurse Care Line
Unnecessary trips to the ER result in a long wait time for care, more days away from work, and more expensive claims. Having 24/7 access to a registered nurse can make a huge difference in the care your employees receive, and how much you pay for a claim. Learn the benefits and basics of using the nurse care line, and how to implement the care line at your company.

How to File a Claim with First Report Online
Failing to report on time can not only result in penalties and fines, but also  delay an employee’s safe return to work, increase the cost of a claim, and increase the likelihood of lawyers getting involved. Whether you’re a first time user or in need of a refresher, this training session demonstrates the importance of timely reporting and shows you how to report injuries and submit a claim, how to properly record OSHA recordable injuries, and access your company’s injury statistics and records.

Proper Lifting Techniques
Strain and sprain injuries from improper lifting are the second leading cause of work comp claims. Prevent strain and sprain injuries by training employees in proper body mechanics and lifting techniques for all weights and angles.

Injuries from slip and fall remain the number one cause of work comp claims, especially during the winter months. Prevent slip and fall injuries by creating awareness of unsafe conditions and training employees what to watch for and how to prevent it.

Custom Training Sessions
Dedicate an hour or an entire day to work comp training. Combine any of the above training sessions or contact us with your training needs. We will work with you to develop and schedule customized training sessions that meet your needs.

To schedule a training session, please contact Mary Wells, Director of Risk Management, at 612-236-1771 or